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CertaUPS Prestige Partner

Available globally through accredited partners

CertaUPS has a rapidly growing global partner network. Recognising not just the quality and superior performance of the CertaUPS backup power product range, CertaUPS Partners also benefit from leading commercial advantages.

Single Phase UPS System

Single Phase


CertaUPS single phase backup power solutions have been designed exclusively to deliver industry leading resilience. Known worldwide for their cutting edge technology and superior component structure, single phase CertaUPS power protection systems deliver on reliability, flexibility and affordability. They are among the most highly sought after uninterruptible power supply solutions across all industry sectors including healthcare, councils, IT and data centres.

Three Phase CertaUPS

Three Phase


Designed and engineered to the highest quality and performance standards CertaUPS three phase backup power systems deliver leading edge efficiency and a considerably smaller footprint than other comparable three-phase uninterruptible power supply solutions on the market. The Certa three-phase power protection UPS series includes up to the minute technology to meet the present day demands as well as those of the future.

Reliable UPS

The most reliable UPS technologies with industry leading support

UPS by definition is a means to ensure business continuity and remove a key element of risk when it comes to business critical equipment. So it stands to reason that the UPS itself must be wholly reliable.

That is why CertaUPS power solutions have been designed with not only the latest and highest quality components available, but with functional ergonomics and durability built in. We stand by our design and build quality of our uninterruptible power supply products. So do organisations such as the NHS, HM Prison Service and leading high street retailers who rely on CertaUPS power protection systems to backup critical equipment. That is also why we provide an industry leading 3 year warranty on our UPS systems.

CertaUPS takes the approach that our business partners deserve business development support that makes them stand out in a highly competitive and price sensitive environment. Our global Partner Programme is designed to align intent and great customer experience resulting in profitable and sustainable commercial growth.

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