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CertaUPS is a global provider of uninterruptible power supply.

All of our power protection solutions have been designed and engineered to cope with the harsh electrical environments of not just today but also those of the future.

Single Phase UPS System

The CertaUPS ‘C’ range

The CertaUPS ‘C’ range of UPS solutions have been manufactured using the finest quality components and to the highest technical specifications. Starting at 800VA our dynamic UPS range encompasses a selection of both tower and rackmountable systems up to 30kVA.

C500 UPS

Unparalleled expertise

Our unparalleled expertise within the field of emergency power enables us to deliver the most reliable UPS technologies along with industry leading technical support. This full service approach makes CertaUPS one of the most sought after UPS partners in the world.

Recognising business partnerships as essential, CertaUPS has exclusively designed its Partner Programs to deliver market leading commercial advantages. Coupled with marketing and technical support we ensure our partners can offer their customers leading edge UPS systems successfully and profitably.

Market leaders in design, reliability and affordability