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  • a picture of a 24U 19" server rack including a UPS and air cooling system

    24U MDC

  • A picture of a 19" server rack including UPS and air cooling system

    33U MDC

  • CertaUPS C60

    CertaUPS C60

    Line Interactive

    800 – 2000VA
    Applications: CCTV, EPOS and PC Workstations

  • C800 UPS

    CertaUPS C800

    Online Double Conversion

    10 – 30kVA
    Suitable for large server rooms and medium sized data centres, the CertaUPS C800 is a compact, high efficiency, three phase backup power protection product.

  • PDU-large

    Metered Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

    The CertaUPS PDU is a smart unit that can monitor the load level locally and avoid potential overloads with an integrated digital current meter, providing complete shutdown and metering for devices. The PDU delivers accurate power measurements from each individual levelling outlet and branch circuit including; kWh, Watts, Amperage and Volts. With the latest capabilities on the label

    The PDUs are available in two output power options; 16A or 24A, each with the most advanced capabilities available on the market. The 24A includes 36 x 10amp sockets and 6 x 16amp sockets, while the 16A version includes 18 x 10amp sockets and 2 x 16amp sockets. The design of both units is compact and ergonomic, ideal for vertical mounting in a server rack / cabinet.

  • CMDC-33U

    Micro Data Centre

    Designed in either 24U or 33U height, CertaUPS’ compact modular micro data centre is a fully integrated, customisable and self contained unit for edge computing that incorporates a 19″ rack, UPS power system, PDU, and fully autonomous airconditioning cooling system that does not require the installation of any external pipework, monitoring, security or software.

  • SNMP Card

    SNMP Card

    Line Interactive

    SNMP Card 
    Network management card

  • CertaUPS C200

    CertaUPS C200

    Line Interactive

    1000 – 2000VA
    Applications: CCTV, alarm systems, EPOS and small office networks

  • CertaUPS C300R

    CertaUPS C300R

    Line Interactive

    1000 – 3000VA
    Applications: Telephone and security systems, IT servers and networks

  • CertaUPS C400

    CertaUPS C400

    Online Double Conversion

    1000 – 3000VA
    Applications: Small to medium sized IT systems, telecoms & security facilities

  • CertaUPS C400R

    CertaUPS C400R

    Online Double Conversion

    1000 – 3000VA
    Applications: IT server racks

  • CertaUPS C500

    CertaUPS C500

    Online Double Conversion

    6 – 10kVA
    Applications: Server rooms and small data centre environments